Solar Pump Inverter

Solar Pump Inverter

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PV pump inverter systems are widely used for converting output DC produced from PV array into

AC. This is done in order for achieving maximum power along with maximizing the use of renewable solar energy. Moreover, it is used to drive pump and adjust the output frequency and voltage. All the aforementioned process is done with the help of our offered Solar Pump Inverter. The system of Solar Pumping includes PV array, three-phase AC pump, storage device and PV pump inverter. Absorption of radiation energy from the sun is done by PV array and later it is converted into electrical energy that helps in supplying power to the entire system.

Key Features

  • Designed with modular approach, MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) method along with stable operations and quick response time. By this 99.9 percent of conversion efficiency can be achieved.

  • With the help of IPM (Intelligent Power Module), maximum reliability and efficiency with 99.9 percent can be easily achieved.

  • Variable Frequency Driver is used for regulating the frequency speed by improving efficiency and protecting water pump for optimum usage of solar panels.

  • With the addition of AC bypass input, it can be easily operated without manpower that helps in saving cost of labor

  • On special demand, it can also be customized with RS485 data communication for remote monitoring

  • Can be easily operated using LCD display

  • Helps in protecting PV input over voltage, over load, blocking protection, DC over current, PV input under voltage, short circuit, dry running, input connection Reverse Polarity, overflow and many more.