Solar Charge Controller For Charging Battery

Solar Charge Controller For Charging Battery

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Solar Charge Controller 96V For Charging Battery

Solar energy can be convert in to DC current Solar energy power generation converters with the contribution of power generation that effects solar panels. AC load, inverter, controller, solar energy charge-discharge  battery, solar battery array, etc are its applications. This equipment is applicable to charge the accumulator which will supply the electricity in the absence of sunlight.

Application area
  • It can be install at abandoned areas like mountain, island, pasturing area, etc.
  • Can be applicable for transporting system like street light, traffic light, beacon light, etc.
  • For communication system we have optical maintenance stations, unattached operation microwave middle station, etc.
  • Wind-solar power station, family power house, Photovoltaic power station, factory power station, park charging station, etc are its working applications.
Features of Solar Charge Controller For Charging Battery:
  • By detecting an accurate terminal voltage it can regulate charging current, for the complete charge for the battery.
  • It has a special function that protects the equipment from short circuit, overloading and also prevent anti-wiring
  • Multiple-circuit charging-control circuit is adopted at the time of manufactring
  • Status of Controller for users is displayed through LED
  • The equipment is suitable for any whether such as humid, hot, cold
  • Get isolation by sampling circuit for complete power switch driving circuit.
  • Without any disturbance or error, opto isolation stably transfers the control signals. 
  • Prevent low voltage protection, damage of battery and anti wiring.
  • The controller is equipped with surge arrester from inside. Also keep instant high voltage under the bearable voltage of the system. On other side for heavy lightning current directly to the ground to avoid damage of equipment.

Technical Specifications:





Rated current of each solar energy panel


Maximum voltage of solar energy panel


Maximum Power of the Solar Panel


Number of solar energy panel array

2 circuits

Method of working

Working continuously


Charging and control

State display


Protection class


Operating environment


Stopping charging voltage of solar energy 1


Resuming charging voltage of solar energy 1


Stopping charging voltage of solar energy 2


Resuming charging voltage of solar energy 2


Connection cable of provided battery(mm2)


Maximum no-load self consume(MA)


Voltage drop between solar energy panel and accumulator


Applicable altitude

<1000 m