Solar Array Junction Box 12 In 1 Out

Solar Array Junction Box 12 In 1 Out

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Solar array junction box 12 in 1 out


  • Applicable for outdoor PV systems;
  • Each PV array attached to DC fuse protection and anti-reverse protection;
  • Wide DC voltage input range with maximum open-circuit voltage up to 1000V;
  • High voltage lightning protection (SPD) special for PV;
  • PV MC4 connector input, convenient and safe system wiring;
  • PV special high voltage circuit breaker control output;
  • Protection class IP65 for outdoor use;
  • Monitoring feature optional for each string of PV array;
  • Output Waterproof terminals;



Type Designation PVB -12 PVB-14 PVB-16 PVB-24
Max. PV Array Voltage 1000Vdc 1000Vdc 1000Vdc 1000Vdc
Max. PV Array Inputs 12 14 16 24
Rated Current for Each String 10A 10A 10A/15A 10A/15A
Output Terminal Type PG21 PG21 PG21 PG21
Rated Output Current 120A 140A 160A/240A 240A/360A
Protection Degree IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
Environment Temperature -25~+60°C -25~+60°C -25~+60°C -25~+60°C
Environment Humidity 0~99% 0~99% 0~99% 0~99%
DC Circuit Breaker Yes Yes Yes Yes
SPD Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions(W×H×D) 640x480x200mm 640x480x200mm 640x480x200mm 740x540x250mm
Installation: indoors/outdoors (IP65 electronics) Yes / yes Yes / yes Yes / yes Yes / yes
Optional Components*
Current Monitor for Each String Option Option Option Option
LCD Display Option Option Option Option
Data supervisory control Option Option Option Option
Communication RS485 RS485 RS485 RS485