Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

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1500W Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Product Characteristics:

  • Highly appreciable performance by CPU control
  • Auto voltage regulation(AVR), wide input voltage of 145V - 275V, accurate output function, can also work in bad electric environments efficiently
  • Intelligent battery charging, the charging current can be set as per the equipped battery required, it works fast, reliable and can good service life of the battery
  • Output voltage has intelligent display, fault, frequency, battery capacity, load and over load.
  • We also have the program of RS232 and USB communication software to setting timing auto shut down our clients may avail this facility
  • Generator compatibly and external battery connection achievable
  • Facility of automatic start with mains supply is pr ovided with, and has a wider range of applications
  • Advanced automatic constant charging circuit, prolongs battery life
  • It has perfect battery under-voltage, overload, over-discharge, short-circuit protections

Model SDP-1000W SDP-1500W
Isolation Low Frequency Transformer
DC Input Input rated voltage VDC 12V 24V 24V 48V
Input rated current 83A 42A 62.5A 31A
AC Output Rated AC output power 1000 1500W
AC output waveform Pure sine wave
Phases Single phase 2 wire and ground
Output rated voltage 220V±3%
Output voltage range 110/120/220/230/240Vac optional
Output Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz ±0.5Hz
Power Factor PF 0.8
Overload Ability 150%, 10s
Inverter efficiency 85%
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 3%
Display LCD
Ambient temperature 0~+40℃
Using environment humidity 0~90%,No condensation
Protection Overload Overload exceeds 110%, automatic shutdown in 30
sec Overload exceeds 120 automatic shutdown in 2 sec Under mains supply mode, it will not shutdown if overload, just keeping sound.
Short-circuit Output short-circuit, automatic shutdown after keeping sound 20 sec
Battery high and low voltage protection
Cooling method Fan-cooled
Working environment Noise <55dB
Degree of protection IP20 indoor ‰
Using altitude 1000
Dimension (W×D×H) mm 420×145×215mm 405×180×320mm
Weight (Kg)
13Kg 17Kg
CE Standard EN60950-1:2006+A11:2009, EN61000-6-4:2007+A1:2001, EN61000-6-2:2005, EN61000-3-12:2005, EN61000-3-11:2000