Isolated 10kw Off Grid Solar Panel Kit

Isolated 10kw Off Grid Solar Panel Kit

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Isolated 10kw Off Grid Solar Panel Kit

SANDI company with top engineers who are experienced in designing the most reasonable and high efficiency off grid solar panel kit according to customers' actual requirements. Our solar products with reliable quality, excellent performance and very competitive prices, we have exported to USA, South America, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia countries, all received a good response from our overseas customers. 

 Solar panels



Industry leading power output warranty, 25 year 80%, 10 year 90% power warranty and 5-year power warranty of materials and workmanship

*CE, TUV, ETL, ISO9001:2008 (Quality Management system) certified factory Product Quality warranty & products Liability Insurance to guarantee and user' benefits.

PV Combiner box


* Applicable for outdoor PV systems;

* Each PV array attached to DC fuse protection and anti-reverse protection optional;

* Wide DC voltage input range with maximum open-circuit voltage up to 1000V;

* High voltage lightning protection (SPD) special for PV;

* PG Cable glands input, convenient and safe system wiring;

* PV special high voltage circuit breaker control output;

* Protection class IP65 for outdoor use;

* Output Waterproof terminals;


Solar charge controller 


1. Excellent EMC design

2. Industrial-grade chip

3. Full enclosed duct design and high speed fan for cooling

4. Users can parallel connect lots of our controllers in a system

5. Infineon IGBT module or IR MOSFET ensures stable performance

6. New SOC method indicates the power generation information of daily, monthly and total

7. 3''LCD+LED display+touching keys as HMI makes the operation more easy

8. PWM Charging technology: fast charging, equalize charging and float charging

9. Advanced battery activation technology increases battery lifetime 30% at least and improves the system performance

10. Temperature compesention function compensates the voltage based on different temperature

11. RTC function indicates the real time and temperature

12. The second protection will protect battery from destroying when the power switch (IGBT) is

 down (optional function)

13. DC output function (Optional function)

14. Standard modbus protocol for RS485 or GPRS communication. 

GEL battery


High quality GEL battery, it's fully sealed, deep cycle, freemaintenance type, it adpot Nanoscale Gel material and patented gel electrolyte, 

transnormal design and long service life. Also lead acid, lithium battery is available  


Off Grid Solar Inverter 


1. With low frequency transformer, 100% full power output, can work 24h x 7

2. High efficiency > 94%, low standby loss 3-5W

3. Longer service life > 15 years

4. Setting flexible: the dc input voltage range, the output voltage and output frequency all can be set.

5. Powerful and unique functions: 1. Variable frequency start and Step voltage start. 2. AC bypass input(Optional): DC input priority or AC bypass priority can be set. 3. Wide voltage input range can work without batteries.

6. Easy to repair: Adopted Japanese Mitsubishi IPM intelligent module, Modular and simple structure design, very easy and convenient for maintenance, any fault only need us send you parts for replacement, maintenance is low-skill work

7. Big LCD display: can display the DC input voltage, output frequency, phase voltage, phase current, AC bypass input voltage, output power KWH, time and date, temperature, fault code display.

8. Certificate: CE(EMC&LVD), SAA, UL1741, CSA22.2