72kw 480v 150a Solar Power Regulator Controller

72kw 480v 150a Solar Power Regulator Controller

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72KW solar power regulator controller 480V 150A Off-grid Solar power generation system including solar panel array, PV Combiner box, solar charge controller, battery group, Off-grid inverter, etc. In the sunshine, the solar panel array convert solar energy to DC energy and charge to the battery group by the charge controller. And convert the DC to AC for the loading through off grid inverter. To meet different power stations’ need, there are 24V、48V、96V、120V、192V、220V、240V、360V、480V and other normal series voltage level base on different battery voltage of off-grid PV power station system project.

Function Introduction

1.Adopt multistep sequential limiting current charge method, auto control multiple solar array connection or shut off orderly according to the battery group voltage change tendency.

2.With auto protection function of over charge, electronic short circuit, anti-reverse protection etc…

3.The big screen LCD display. Clearly present the working status of the solar panel, battery and controller.(solar voltage, current, power display, battery charging current, voltage, charging power, power display.)

4.Multi-function meter shows the battery voltage, the charging current, charging power, grand total quantity of electricity...

5.Power switch driving circuit is completely isolated from sampling circuit. The control signals is transmitted by opto isolation, with super-high disturbence rejection and stability.

6.All the control adopts industrial-grade chips, which can work normally in cold, hot, humid environment.

7.Overcharge protection, reverse polarity protection, damage protection of the battery group.

8.Prevent the battery group reverse charging to the solar panel array at night.

9.There are lightning protection device inside the controller. Limit instantaneous over voltage which entered into solar panels within a device or system can withstand voltage range; or unload the strong lightning current into the ground. To protect the equipment from lightning surge and damaged.