384V, 100A - 250A Solar Charge Controller

384V, 100A - 250A Solar Charge Controller

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384V Solar Charge Controller, 100A - 250A Solar Charge Controller Off-framework Solar energy formation system comprising sun based board range, solar charge regulator, off-grid inverter, PV combiner box, battery group and many more. In the daylight, our product converts solar power to DC power and charge the battery group through the charge regulator. Besides, it also converts the DC energy to AC power for loading by off-grid inverter. In order to meet various energy stations' requirement, there are 48V, 120V, 220V, 360V, 24V, 96V, 192V, 240V, 480V and other ordinary sequences current base grounded on various battery current of off-grid PV energy station system extend.

What Are The Functions Of Our Product?

  • Our solar charge controller 384V 150A/250A/100A/200A embraces multi-stage consecutive restricting voltage charge technique, shut off orderly in compliance with the battery group current transformation potential or mechanical regulate various solar range connection.
  • With auto security capacity of over charge, anti-reverse safety and electronic short circuit safety and many more are incorporated in our product.
  • The wide screen LCD,unmistakably show the operating condition of the solar panel, regulator and battery. (current, battery changing current, charging power, solar voltage, power display, voltage and power display)
  • Multi-work meter demonstrates the battery current, the charging power, grand total amount of electricity and the charging current.
  • Control switch driving circuit is totally disconnected from inspecting circuit. The regulation signals are transported by opto disengagement, with an elevated disturbance dismissal and soundness.
  • All the control embraces mechanical review chips, which can operate ordinarily in hot, humid and cold environ.
  • Extra-charge safety, damage protection and reverse polarity safety of battery group.
  • Our solar charge controller 384V 150A/250A/100A/200A avert the battery class back charging to the sun panel range during the evening.
  • Integrated lightning insurance instrument in the regulator. Constrain momentary excess current, which takes entry in sunlight based panels inside a system or device can tolerate current range or empty the solid lightning voltage into the surface. To shield the instrument from damaged and lightning surge.