1 in 1 out PV Combiner Boxes

1 in 1 out PV Combiner Boxes

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PV Combiner Boxes 1 in 1 out with MC4 connectors, CB, SPD for solar system

PV Combiner Box

Sandi PVB series PV Array Combiner For a large-scale PV system , it is a general practice to install a DC combining device in between the PV modules and inverters for the sake of minimizing the cable distance between them, facilitating maintenance and improving reliability. With many years of PV grid-connected system design experience, our PVB PV array combiner box series is specially-designed for meeting the need of high performance and high reliability of PV systems. In combining with our Solar Access inverters, Sandi PVB provides a turnkey solution for PV power plant systems. By using PV array combiner box, according to the input voltage of the inverter, Clients can connect a fixed number of similar PV modules to form a PV array. Then different strings of PV array can be converged into the PV array string box. After that, together with lightning arresters and circuit breakers, it is connecting to the inverter to reduce the system installation time and increase the system safety.

Product Feature

  • Applicable for outdoor PV systems;
  • Each PV array attached to DC fused protection and anti-reverse protection optional;
  • Wide DC voltage input range with maximum open-circuit voltage up to 1000V;
  • High voltage Lightning protection (SPD) special for PV;
  • PG cable glands connector input, convenient and safe system wiring;
  • PV special high voltage circuit breaker control output;
  • Protection class IP65 for outdoor use;
  • Output Waterproof terminals
  •  Technical Specifications:

  • PVB-1/1 Technical Parameters(IP65 ABS plastic box): 

    Type Designation


    DC Input

    DC input strings

    1 strings

    Max. allowable input voltage


     Each string rated input current


    Each string input Max current

    10A/1000VDC fuse

    DC Output

    DC output strings

    1 string

    DC rated output current


    Output DC Circuit Breaker


    Other parameters

    Lighting and surge protection


    Input fuse protection


    Reverse Polarity protection


    Protection Class


    Output Terminal Type

    PG21 Cable Glands

    Box material

    IP65 ABS plastic box

    Environment Temperature


    Environment Humidity

    <90% No condensation